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Introducing Saxony International School

Our field is the world

Language diversity through bilingual teaching, practical relevance, virtues such as open-mindedness and intercultural skills, drive and a sense of responsibility, mutual appreciation and diversity as enrichment: these are the foundations of our education.

The schools in the SIS network are places where first-class knowledge is acquired in small classes and through individual support. Team spirit and a pleasant learning atmosphere contribute to sustainable learning success. And above all: our teachers bring expertise, vision and passion to the table. See for yourself!

What makes us so unique

School clothing

SIS school uniforms are worn at the schools in our school network. Similar to sports clubs, wearing school uniforms develops a sense of unity and shows our solidarity to the outside world. Modern design and functionality contribute to the increasing popularity of our school clothing.

Foreign languages

At the daycare centers and schools in the SIS network, foreign languages are taught as early as possible - at kindergarten and primary school age. English and Spanish are largely taught by native speakers.

Immersive learning

Immersive learning is part of everyday life at our daycare centers and schools: in this most successful language teaching and learning method in the world, a different language is not consciously learned, but is absorbed almost incidentally from the linguistic environment. The foreign languages are integrated into daily lessons quite naturally and in simple sentence structures without having to learn the grammar beforehand.

Practice-oriented teaching

The subject PU - practice-oriented teaching - has been on the curriculum at SIS schools since 2013. The aim is to familiarize pupils from year 5 onwards with technical contexts and to teach them everyday manual skills.

Career orientation

Based on a cooperation project between the Saxon Ministry of Education and the Federal Employment Agency, "practical advisors" have been providing individual support to secondary schools and grammar schools with career and study guidance since 2013. The practical advisors know the companies and are contact persons for companies. Based on the results of an analysis of their potential, each pupil receives a development plan that is coordinated with the teacher, parents and pupil.

Scientific Advisory Board

Our educational institutions are supported by a scientific advisory board. Something we are rightly proud of: Through their contacts, the honorary members of the advisory board create a unique network in politics or with companies and institutions at home and abroad.

We need you

Language diversity

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