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International exchange

Here, learning transcends national borders. Our international partnerships bring cultures together and create unique educational projects. Student exchanges create unforgettable moments, while pen pals forge bonds that last a lifetime.

Worldwide partnerships

SIS Cairo West

In the fascinating metropolis of Cairo we proudly present our partner school, SIS Cairo West. It is the first SIS school abroad and teaches according to the same system as our SIS schools in Germany. Here we organize not only exciting student exchanges and trips, but also an inspiring collaboration of our staff. Our partnership goes beyond classrooms and creates space for an interdisciplinary exchange of experiences.

BCCIS in Cairo

Together with our partner school "British Columbia Canadian International School" in Cairo, we have been conducting an inter-SIS student exchange since 2017. Students from grade 7 can participate. In addition to the intensive language acquisition at a host school as well as in the host family, there are many good reasons for this education-oriented student exchange. The host family experience provides a deep immersion into a foreign culture, accompanied by the opportunity to make new friends and learn about local traditions and festivals up close. At the same time, it offers the opportunity to reflect on one's own identity and origins and to question personal values. The challenges of integration into an international school system and integration into an age-specific class group - for example at the International Canadian School - round off this enriching experience.

German European School Manila

Together with our partner school "German European School Manila" in Manila we conduct a student exchange at regular intervals. Students from all SIS schools can participate. We also support various projects in Manila. Among others, the social project "well construction" was supported by Mr. Christoph Grandt (GESM) with monetary donations.

Sandhurst School London

The IOM together with Sandhurst started the project "VR in the classroom - a London expedition" via Erasmus+. Together with two teachers from each school, the project was planned through and excellently launched with the help of some training via e.g. Google Expeditions and Etwinning.

Partner school Strakonice

Together with our partner school Základni škola Provážská in Strakonice, Czech Republic, we have been conducting a student exchange since 2015. Students from grade 7 can participate. The project aims to support and develop interculturality and multilingualism of the students. The language of communication during the exchange is English. In addition, this student exchange promotes social skills such as openness, tolerance, respect for differences, teamwork and flexibility. Furthermore, the awareness for other cultures is (further) developed.

Partner school in Hungary

Since the 2015/2016 school year, our International Secondary School Neukirchen has been maintaining an exciting student exchange with Tamasi High School in Hungary. Students from the 7th grade have the opportunity to participate. The project aims to support and develop the students' interculturality and multilingualism. During the exchange, the students learn about the geographical, historical and cultural details of the host region Tamasi. The exchange offers numerous interesting activities, including a guided tour of the city of Tamasi, an excursion to Budapest, and a trip to Lake Balaton in Siofok. Students also have the opportunity to experience Hungarian culture and life firsthand. This includes joint activities such as making pancakes with the host families, demonstrations of Hungarian folk dances in authentic costumes, and visits to typical weekly markets. This exchange provides the students with an enriching intercultural experience and a deeper understanding of Hungary.

Partner school Kutno

As part of the partnership between the Leipzig district and the Polish district of Kutno, a school partnership was established between the International Gymnasium in Geithain and the Gymnasium in Kutno. Together with the partner school we carry out a student exchange every school year. The focus is on intercultural exchange, getting to know each other and the language education of the students. During the exchange week, the students always live with host families. Saxons and Poles alike always enjoy the great hospitality of the host families. This exchange is sponsored by the German-Polish Youth Office.

Partner school Veitshöchheim

In the course of the town twinning between the town of Geithain and the town of Veitshöchheim in Lower Franconia, the high schools of both towns have also decided to cooperate with each other and to enter into a fruitful exchange for both sides. Here, the students of both schools can solve a tricky puzzle every month and participate in the school-internal competition "Problem of the Month".

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