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SIS namesake
Prof. Dr. Carl H. Hahn
dies at the age of
96 years

It was with great sadness that we received the news of the death of Prof. Dr. Carl H. Hahn.

"With Carl Hahn, Saxony International School - Carl Hahn gGmbH not only loses a close friend and companion, but also its dedicated namesake and brilliant educational visionary. For many years, Prof. Hahn was particularly committed to the field of early childhood education. In addition, he has rendered outstanding services in closely linking science and business with our education network," said Rüdiger School in recognition of Hahn's great commitment. "The gap that our highly esteemed Prof. Hahn leaves behind is difficult to close. What remains are an intimate bond and respect for the cosmopolitan Hahn. His motto: My field is the world - will continue to accompany our educational work. The entire team of Saxony International School - Carl Hahn bows deeply to his life's work and will cherish his memory," says School.

Rest in peace, dear Prof. Hahn.

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